I´m Johanna Nenonen

– performer, artist, writer and gardener.


Welcome to my world!

I´m a born entertainer. I´m able to create a show by improvising only if needed. I´ve been acting in the music video ”Cowboy” of popstar Alma, in a Finnish drama series ”Mustat lesket” and in various roles in amateur theatre.  I made a monolog  ”Leila Lempinen (Shirley Valentine)” in Voimateatteri. I have also performed as a special  surprise guest in parties as different characters. You can watch them here.

”Leila Lempinen (Shirley Valentine)” Photo: Anssi Ahola

I paint expressive oil paintings which you can watch in Facebook Johanna Nenonen Art  and here.

Kuva: Seija Systä

I enjoy playing with words too. I´ve studied screenwriting and I write all kind of texts,  lyrics,  poems etc.

Kuva: Seija Systä

Gardening has been one of my passions since childhood. I´ve been working in a gardening shop and I take care of my  own garden in the countryside. We grow our own vegetables and flowers.  I do garden desing with my intuition and creative way. You can watch photos of gardening here and here.

Kuva: Seija Systä


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